HumanTribe. An idea. A tribe of tribes. A tribe for the tribeless. Mutual aid, resource-based economies, gifting economies -- at scale. Are you HumanTribe?

The HumanTribe International initiative has a mission to facilitate mutual aid and direct action by providing a platform for humanitarians seeking to help people in need to discover, learn about, and effectively interact with people in need seeking humanitarian aid, and vice versa.

As of Wednesday, 01 July, 2020, HumanTribe International is an unincorporated cooperative grassroots movement composed of individual members and independent coordinators. Funds are safely held by independent coordinators of the #HumanTribe movement while in transit to their intended recipients. Donations made via HumanTribe International are not tax-deductible at this time. We will post any updates via our web site, social media, and Open Collective.